The 1218 Mission

Our mission is to disrupt the industry by elevating the standards of hemp based CBD products that we bring to the market. Our goal is to provide solid education about CBD and its beneficial active properties. We want to focus on health and wellness while consciously restoring human connection through our mindful efforts to contribute back to causes that are at the very heart of our brand.

Premium CBD Oil & Cannabidiol Products

1218’s collection of organic CBD products include our unrivaled topical creams as well as our world-class tinctures. Our premium hemp derived products promote overall wellness benefits for our customers. Be sure to reach out to us if you need help navigating the best option for you!

Made with the purest ingredients, 1218 ensures a CBD experience that can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle.


I unfortunately suffer from anxiety and 1218's oil has helped me so much. I sleep way better and I also find myself less "on-edge" and stressed out. I also use the cream for my period cramps and pain relief from my ovarian cysts which I've dealt with since I was younger.
Natalie Pi
It feels so great to know that there is a product on the market that truly helps me be productive and ultimately my best self.The 1218 Full Spectrum oil has been a saving grace especially as I fly often for work. It certainly helps manage my fears and calms me down.
Rebecca Hart
The 1218 topical cream is my best friend after the gym. It works so fast once you massage it into your muscles. I even got my parents hooked on it. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone just trying to get through their day to day joint and muscle pains.
Leo Barrios

Elevating the Standards
of CBD Everywhere.


Give your body’s natural endocannabinoid system a boost with our world class industrial hemp derived tinctures. Select the potency best suited to your daily needs.


Discover our amazing CBD Topical creams. Popular among those who experience the day-to-day nagging discomfort of muscle and joint pain.


While we cant stop time, we can certainly help manage its effects on our skin. Experience the natural wonders of CBD in our conscious skincare collection.

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This date (12/18) means so much to us. This is the date the #farmbill passed and allowed us to be where we are. On top of that - we are a week out from #xmas !! We wanted to give our supporters an amazing offer today for the reasons above. Use code 1218DAY !



Want to give a holiday gift that will keep giving? Check out our website - and see if a hemp-based product might be a cool holiday surprise for a loved one.



It can sometimes not be the most wonderful time of the year because of stress and 'lack of time'. Take a break, breather, and maybe check out a CBD product.



We put our tinctures under the mistletoe so even if you miss a kiss you still have a chance at getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside.



What's going to be under your Christmas tree? 🎅 🎄



We hope everyone is having a warm and cozy day with family and friends. Cheers!



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Now that Xmas is over, ready for somewhere tropical? Ready for some #zzz 's? Sleep is so necessary - and clients have told us that CBD can make a major difference.

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